powder coatings

How does powder coating actually work?

Electrostatic powder coating (EPS) is possible on conductive, temperature-resistant material and is a process for surface treatment or surface finishing of all metals such as aluminium, steel, stainless steel and galvanized steel. The powder is sprayed onto the substrate to be coated and then baked on. Stoving ensures durable adhesion and a uniform coating. Typical baking conditions are between 140° C and 220° C.

Powder coating booth:

Our partially enclosed coating booth also has side openings for the spraying device. Our powder spray booths are also equipped with an automatic cleaning machine for internal cleaning, a discharge belt and an exhaust air duct on the booth floor and an extraction system on the outlet side.

Maximum size of parts to be painted:

W 4800 × D 800 × H 2000 mm.

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Our powder coatings:

The powder coatings used for powder coating generally consist of dry, granular particles. Chemically, these are usually based on epoxy or polyester resins. Hybrid systems containing both epoxy and polyester resins as binders are also common. A variety of different powder coatings in almost every conceivable color makes powder coating so unique. The entire RAL range is available from us, and a large number are even always in stock and can be processed immediately. We basically distinguish between the following types of powder coatings: Epoxy resin powder: very good chemical resistance to solvents, acids and alkaline liquids; tendency to chalking when exposed to UV light (but without loss of corrosion protection) Application: functional area such as vehicle parts, electrical industry, pipelines. Polyester powder: Excellent weather stability, very good mechanical properties such as impact, shock and adhesion resistance, lower addhesive properties and lower strength than epoxy resin, cheaper than epoxy resin. Application: Car body and industrial components, pools.


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