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ERKA® is the traditional brand of the Austrian family business, now in its sixth generation. As an industry leader since our foundation in 1870, we have become accustomed to working with companies of all sizes and offering solutions and quality products to customers from industry, trade, wholesale, public authorities and agencies as well as private individuals worldwide.

Numerous patents and national and international awards stand for innovative strength, reliability and our solution expertise, which has been and continues to be rewarded with trust from many prominent customers worldwide: For example, the 1964 and 1976 Olympic Games in Innsbruck and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra Archive have already been equipped with ERKA® systems, as have the MAK Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna, the Academy of Fine Arts - Semper Depot Vienna, the Austrian Gallery in the Belvedere Vienna, Museums of the City of Vienna, etc. and the Centre Pompidou in Paris as well as the ALESSI Museum in Milan, and a large number of important universities, congress centers, schools, financial institutions and hospitals are also among the loyal and convinced ERKA® customers.

ERKA® products are ergonomically designed, intelligently constructed and manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner and to the highest quality standards. The result is durable quality with maximum longevity, optimum functionality and an excellent price/performance ratio.

Since generations

Ing. Dr. Heinz Robathin

History of a family business

ERKA is an Austrian family business that has existed since 1870.

1870 Rudolf KIRNER (1837-1908) from an old family of craftsmen, later honored as "Citizen of the City of Vienna", founds an art and construction locksmith's shop, as well as the production of stoves, ovens and locksmith's goods.

1899 Rudolf KIRNER jun. (1873-1944) developed his father's business into a well-known company that was highly regarded for its quality products.

Numerous balconies, stair railings and the like testified to the high level of craftsmanship, which were widely known and sought after. Furthermore, in order to provide sufficient employment during the winter months, various products such as ventilation blinds and ⏤ grilles, fireplace doors, heat barriers, smoked doors, oven and stove components for masonry stoves and tiled stoves were manufactured and supplied nationwide. Stoves for commercial kitchens were also produced.

1930 Franz G. DWORAK (1902-1979) joins the company as son-in-law. The expansion of the product range and modernization of the mechanical equipment, as well as the introduction of series production were milestones in the company's history.

1939 The beginning of the Second World War suddenly changed the development of the company. The company in Vienna had to produce components for locomotives and cartridges for ammunition. Stoves were produced in the former Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia (then the CSR, now the Czech Republic) and furnaces in France and Belgium. Almost all the men were called up to the Wehrmacht and women were employed and trained as unskilled workers.

In 1944, a massive bombing raid on Vienna by the Allied air force destroyed not only the factory and the owner family's home, but also 14 people died in the air raid shelter of the former factory building, unfortunately including the married couple Rudolf and Rosa Kirner and their daughter Rudolfine.

1945 Resumption of limited production of ERKA stoves and ovens and start of reconstruction under the most difficult conditions. Renewal of the machinery and establishment of a new sales network.

The product range was greatly expanded and a large number of new articles, such as various sheet metal products, fretsaw sets and special ovens, were added.

The special pioneering achievements of KommRat Franz G. DWORAK also led to his appointment to top political positions, such as President of the Federal Chamber of Commerce (today WKO), co-founder of the social partnership, member of the National Council, numerous supervisory functions in banks (Erste Bank, Raiffeisen, etc.).

1955 KommRat Ing. Heinz ROBATHIN (1932-2021), his son-in-law, joins the company and develops numerous patents, such as the ERKA® patented modular system.

Due to his father-in-law's numerous public commitments, he and his wife Helga Robathin (1932-2021), née Dworak, manage the company with vision and implement a large number of pioneering innovations.

1965 New construction, expansion and completion of the new production facilities equipped with modern machinery.

1982 Construction of a new warehouse and workshop building and commissioning of a fully automated pre-treatment and coating system.

1997 Commissioning of fully automated bending and punching systems (SALVAGNINI), which contributed to ongoing product development and new designs.

2007 Dr. Heinz Robathin (with the company since 1979) takes over the management and plans and develops a new production site. Foundation of the 100% subsidiary ERKA Metaltec s.r.o. and purchase of a large industrial property in the town of Znojmo in the Czech Republic, just 80 km from Vienna

2008 Construction of a new factory and equipment with state-of-the-art machines and systems (e.g. SALVAGNINI bending and punching systems, robot-controlled welding systems, state-of-the-art powder coating system with 100% waste water treatment system and powder recycling system, etc.).

2012 Heinz Robathin Jr. (authorized signatory since 2019) and 2015 Iris Robathin (authorized signatory since 2022) join the company as the sixth generation.

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2013 Expansion of the machine park with an additional sheet steel processing line (SALVAGNINI).

2021 Acquisition of further innovative production systems.


ERKA® products are manufactured in a highly automated process using state-of-the-art production techniques. This enables quality that consistently meets the highest standards while remaining efficient and cost-effective.

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